Administration and finance, a formative Cycle of the future but with much present

Organization that moves and advances depending on how it is managed. And, within the entire structure, effective money management is vital

Organization that moves and advances depending on how it is managed. And, within the entire structure, effective money management is vital

The company is a dynamic organization that moves and advances depending on how it is managed. And, within the entire structure, effective money management is vital; and that is where the importance of finance in the company lies. Since without this resource it can be uphill to make assertive decisions.

In a company, the administration is fundamental for the future of it. In administrative and finance management is the key to success. In fact, today companies look for administrative and financial profiles, since they are the cornerstone of the company by offering the necessary information, from the knowledge of the accounts, for the corresponding decision making. Depending on how the accounting is managed in the company, it could go ahead with its sales and production strategy, or it will end up disappearing by an ominous management.

In companies it is more than necessary to have a CRM program that allows department workers to know the management with the client, the number of invoices issued, the current situation of the client, the delivery times of the merchandise by the suppliers, and other information that will allow the financial or administrative department to have a fluid communication with the marketing and / or sales departments.

It is true that companies increasingly need these calculating, accounting, accurate and evaluating profiles that facilitate management both internally and externally. The responsibility that falls on these profiles is great, since in their day to day they have to deal with the company’s numbers, and offer such information to the management department. To do this, they must submit reports with the balance of accounts, and make presentations with the evolution of income and costs.

These profiles are very well considered by the directors of human resources, who are looking for responsible, trustworthy and team-minded people, since they must be in contact with those responsible for management, marketing, sales and other departments.

The importance of administration within organizations

Currently the companies that achieve success have been thanks to a long and complex process, which has allowed them to achieve their objectives in the most efficient way; this process is what we know today as “business administration

“The success of a good organization is due in measure to its leaders and administrators”

The administration has had important contributions to the development of society, in an economic and social way; it is recognized as a relevant activity based on the cooperative effort that people develop within business organizations.

An administrator is the victim of greater dynamics in the processes of change, transformation and implementations of administrative roles that have to do with an infinite series of national and international activities. The administrative process, stands out for the great importance of implementing strategies to achieve goals and objectives, the efficient management of both human and economic resources.

The proper functioning of these points mentioned, will foster a culture of competitiveness within the organization, resulting in a high position in the market, as well as greater security when facing challenges and opportunities.

The good design of strategies to achieve competitive advantages in organizations, is one of the tasks of greater responsibility that must be met by the administrators and leaders of the organizations in the present times, because of the actions that are carried out in the present, the life and future of the company will depend to a large extent on the fulfillment of objectives, policy development and reach of established goals, in an environment characterized by greater competition.

In conclusion, day-to-day administration becomes more indispensable within any organization regardless of commercial purposes, due to its contribution to the improvement of administrative techniques and processes.

Administration in Companies

The administration of companies is important because we do it every day with money and time and with the other things in our life that is why it is defined as: “the business language of measuring and communicating the economic information that allows users choose or not choose” therefore it gives success to any social organization since they depend directly or indirectly on it, because they need to properly administer the human and material resources they possess.

An adequate administration means that the level of productivity is improved, that it stays in front of the changing conditions of the environment, given this situation it provides foresight and creativity. Undoubtedly, its great emblem is the constant improvement, efficiency promotes and guides the development of any social organization of small and medium enterprises, and therefore it is the only possibility to compete by applying an effective administration.

The Business Administration, being basically the organization of the resources available in order to achieve the best possible performance in the face of a particular objective as well as to act as a kind of control body towards all the sectors or areas that are functioning within a company

In order to guarantee this, it is necessary not only for teamwork but also for an approach to the different methodologies and guidelines within the scope of work in order to achieve the objective with the greatest efficiency and performance possible.

In some countries it is also a Universal Career that aims precisely at this, to the elaboration of business objectives and to the professionalization of the different resources that we must use in the business world to be able to succeed and get ahead in the different situations that we face when commanding a company or occupy a hierarchical position within it.

We are without a doubt, in front of one of the most interesting professions in the business sector, since the role of the administrator depends mainly on his degree of involvement with the company’s operational processes, that is, how much more and better he knows about the activities carried out In their division, more knowledge will be obtained and they will better be able to develop their functions.

 What skills must a business administrator have so that his function is so important within the company and helps growth in Colombia? There are many ways to describe the requirements of the administrator profile, each company looks for a certain profile specialized in one task or another. But if we had to make a short summary grouping some of the most basic elementary skills, we would include the following:

  • Preparation of the budget of expenses.
  • Sales prevention
  • Organization chart elaboration.
  • Plan, organize and supervise that the economic objectives of the company are met.
  • Relate business objectives with those of the template.
  • Interpretation of the accounting balance.

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