7 Pro-Tips for Creating Eco-Friendly Houses Involving the Best Use of Technology in This Modern Era

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Leo Purus. Suscipit dui fusce metus elit. Consequat nostra Natoque litora magna neque risus dapibus ultrices turpis.

Buildings should no longer only serve to house people, but should offer the greatest possible comfort with the least economic and environmental impact. This is what the experts in intelligent ecological housing come up with few important tips. This article offers seven tips for consumers to have one of these houses.

1. Reduce the expenditure of energy and water

Experts maintain that the priority in an intelligent ecological housing is to reduce the demand for energy. For this, it recommends that “the first development of the project should focus on the envelope, in such a way that subsequent solutions are economically diminished through the reduction of resource consumption”. Also, experts emphasize that users of these buildings should opt for the use of renewable energy whenever possible. Moreover, experts of creating eco-friendly homes point out that it is essential for an intelligent ecological house that provides a minimum expenditure of natural resources. To do this, it must have systems and elements that reduce electricity consumption and saving devices for an efficient use of water; you must take advantage of natural lighting and daytime heat; and must use natural and native products to minimize energy consumption in its construction, transportation, etc. Further it adds that intelligent systems must be accompanied by other measures to make the house as ecologically as possible: increase the degree of thermal insulation of the exterior walls and roof of the building, improve the closing of doors and windows, design the way to ventilate the home to avoid the use of air conditioning, etc.

2. Look at the control of heat and cold

The air conditioning is one of the main expenses in a house. Wattio, a company that offers several innovative home automation solutions, ensures that many consumers put the temperature of their homes above the recommended and do not turn off the heating when they are not at home, so they have an over-expenditure of more than 200 euros a year. To avoid this and live in a more environmentally responsible home, Mendia proposes an intelligent system like Wattio’s, “which advises economically when and how to put the heating and shows the estimated savings if efficiency criteria are applied”. It is interesting that the devices for the production of cold or heat are very efficient. For this purpose, the market currently offers state-of-the-art equipment and maximum energy efficiency. It not only depends on intelligent systems, but also the behavior of users: “Put on a sweater in winter, ventilate well in summer, lower the awning so that heat does not enter, etc.”

3. Install an easy-to-use control system

An intelligent system must be very simple, so that all the people of the building are involved in its use. It is the most important, because “if it is very complex, it will end up abandoning”.

4. Buy quality products

The cheap is expensive, says the saying, which also applies to intelligent green housing. You must avoid low quality products that do not meet the requirements of global market standards.

5. Connect the system to the Internet

The Internet offers many more possibilities to a smart home and therefore must be connected. The home automation system can be used outside the home. In addition, so that users can receive personalized savings tips, taking advantage of “collective intelligence”, advice and knowledge of other connected users.

6. Do not settle for the traditional

Experts recommend consumers to change their mentality and not conform to the traditional to generalize smart ecological systems: “They should demand and assess the new criteria of housing (new work or reform), so as to integrate aspects at the forefront of technology such as environmental, aging / accessibility, energy efficiency, quality of life, etc., which, up to now, are not prioritized “. In addition, when acquiring or renting a house, you must take into account both the current situation and the evolution of your future life (family changes, evolution of ages, aging, type of life, etc.).

7. Learn and look for good professionals

Once you have reflected on what type of housing is needed, the experts suggest that you seek information and look for good professionals who can respond appropriately. However, being an emerging market, it is not easy for the consumer. Therefore, as with any other product, it is best to ask several experts and compare offers and users who have installed these systems to see what they have chosen and if they are worth it. 

The ecological houses must be used in their design and construction of the possibilities and the advantages that the environment offers, these strategies are determined by the following main parameters:

  • Housing orientation
  • Control of the sun
  • Wind control
  • Maximum quality of views
  • Appropriate Technology

While it is true that in each particular situation there will be some predominant elements over others.

Basic principles of ecological construction

Although the main strategy of building an ecological house is directly linked to the climatic conditions, and therefore to the most suitable energy use for each specific situation, there is a whole series of complementary rules that must be taken into account to complete the design of the house. The most convenient way.

Choice of the right location. A good location for a house is one that is far from the industrial areas of high atmospheric pollution due to industries or other centers especially active, or that has a high level of noise, such as railways or airports, and is far from the high voltage lines, in addition it should not have sectoral transformers in the vicinity.

Choice of right technology. It is another crucial element to be taken under consideration while going for creating the eco-friendly houses. Right choice of technology is what makes your efforts fruitful.

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