The processes and the workflows of software development agencies

Outsourcing software development companies can be a complex and a tricky process. Every organization ranging from a startup company to a well-established multinational adopts a software

Outsourcing software development companies can be a complex and a tricky process. Every organization ranging from a startup company to a well-established multinational adopts a software

Outsourcing software development companies can be a complex and a tricky process. Every organization ranging from a startup company to a well-established multinational adopts a software development process and is in complete control over it. Experienced software houses are transparent about their processes workflows, communication methods used etc. Developing software’s also have some questions to be answered when hiring a development agency such as the essential step required to build software?  Or the hurdles that will come when building up software are just some that need to be answered to ensure that the correct development company is hired.

Fundamental activities

Producing software can be a hard and complex process. Every organization adopts a different approach to identify and solve a particular problem with a standard way of using the agile approach. Software development lifecycle always have the same approach that every company utilizes. Firstly, being software specifications that highlight the main functionalities of software and the limitations, secondly designing the layout of the software, thirdly verifying and validating the requirements having met according to user specifications and finally carrying out testing and future maintenance to cater for future security concerns and bugs.  These all make up the software development lifecycle to ensure the design and development of softwares.


This is the initial stage of a project; the team gathers together who agree on a number of factors that have an impact on the development process. For instance all team members would discuss on budgetary plans, prioritizing tasks according to their severity levels, and the number of resources to be allocated to each task are just some of the basic examples concerning planning and developing. This step is crucial for the success of the business that if not carried out in a proper way can lead to massive negative impact on an organization, with existing pitfalls and failures.

Requirement analysis

Communicating of business requirements is crucial for team members of the business development teams. If not able to provide effective communication, can result in the wrong audience being targeted towards their particular brand. The team, during this phase gathers necessary business requirements from stake holders, business managers, development teams to work with them, jotting down processes to automate and optimize software. Software house in UK, adopt agile methodology to maximize communication across all departments, producing back logs that contain tasks to be performed in the project.


Once the team passes through the requirement gathering phase, developers kick start in designing and laying down the architecture but as a prototype model, defining how the software or product look like. Designing involves using standardized techniques, developing prototype models, to check if it can meet the relevant software requirements. For instance use of frameworks or pre built algorithms can help solve already existing problems, thus saving time also. Teams would engage in developing a rather incomplete but usable model and offer feedback from customer who adopt agile methodology to allow maximum interaction from customers.

Programming logic

This phase involves professional developers who are constantly implementing logic of functionalities as stated in the requirements phase. Process might be carried out in blocks, timed sprints, implementing and executing logic that can further move on in testing application. Moreover, team members need to have good communication with business stakeholders to make sure the project is heading towards a straight direction. Obstacles might arise when implementing logic or increase in scope that could lead in hiring more developers, skilled in different programming languages, can hold back a company from moving further. Software house in UK, following a step by step process to output fully functional and testable software, to find errors and bugs, in addition with enhancing features further.

Testing and deployment 

Testing phase is the key to develop reliable software, that’s tested on different use cases. Tests are carried out on code quality, performance testing, security and vulnerability testing and some other types to ensure the end result is a workable and bug free software for users to use. Finally, moving on to the deployment stage, compiling all resources through continuous integration models, releasing software to stores. Software house in UK focuses on providing long-term support for software, identifying bugs and defects, fixing them in the form of regular updates that’s imperative for software’s long lifespan. Featured image source

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