Are MIS(s) something exclusive for large Corporation?

Analyzing the convenience of using these Marketing Information Systems (MIS) we realize that they are something that can contribute a lot to any company but that medium and small companies do not

Analyzing the convenience of using these Marketing Information Systems (MIS) we realize that they are something that can contribute a lot to any company but that medium and small companies do not have a data collection system in place today. Convenient so they cannot begin to manage ecosystem information for their own benefit.

Advantages of SIM:

Some of the biggest advantages of the Marketing Information Systems (MIS) are:

  • Greater efficiency:  Improvement in resource management, strategy design and market anticipation.
  • Speed ​​in decision-making: It will improve the speed with which we make decisions since we will have information ordered and analyzed for our decision making.
  • Services to customers:  More and better services to our customers as we can see the sales data of each product for each client and even manage mailing shipments with this same database to know the satisfaction of the same regarding a product after try it
  • Increase in the efficiency of the sales force:  Since as we mentioned before, we will have more information in general about our customers and we will be able to boost those that have the potential to increase their purchases and build loyalty.
  • Greater domain of the market:  The more information you manage, the more domain you have of a market in question. Information is power. Power to send notifications, to focus on the sales we see that can improve, power to rectify our strategies, power to analyze each market segment …
  • Retention of causal or occasional customers:  As part of the use of the database that we collect, we can also start actions according to the type of customer and product purchased towards those who are causal customers or occasions to increase their frequency of purchase.
  • Getting customers from the competition:  Knowing that they are users who use the product normally but who only buy from us when we make an offer of some kind, we can establish actions to increase their purchase frequency until they are removed from the competition.
  • Ease of adaptation:  Ease to make changes in the company based on the results of data analysis.
  • Ease of data acquisition:  Thanks to the Internet, today it is not so difficult for an SME to collect user data through its website and then use it to their advantage.
  • Purchase of data:  Since if we cannot obtain all these data by ourselves to be a small company and not have the necessary means we always have the possibility of buying them from other companies. This is not the most recommended option but it cannot be ruled out if what we want is a very complete database quickly.
  • Improvements in the company’s results in the medium and long term:  As a result of the optimization of all the aforementioned points, we will obtain better results each year

Disadvantages of the SIM:

But not everything are advantages. These are some of the drawbacks of the Marketing Information Systems (MIS):

  • Expensive tools: Data management tools are generally expensive.
  • The data scientist:

– They are professionals that are scarce.

-They usually charge high salaries.

  • Cutting-edge technology : And the complications of use that this entails, which is why it is usually recurrent to use a professional for the correct management of the tool and the perfect optimization when managing data and drawing conclusions
  • Difficulty in obtaining data:  There is some difficulty when it comes to collecting large volumes of data, since for an SME it can be very difficult and especially if you do not have a web page.

Excess of information:  When the amount of information we handle is very large it is necessary to know well not only the tool, but what we want to consult and what data are those that are going to provide us with this information so as not to end up making a mess and getting the most out of it to all this data.

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