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Using the Communication technology in human relationship in today’s world for better human interaction

In terms of video and photo quality, the Hero6 Black is only a slight step down from the Hero7 Black.

In terms of video and photo quality, the Hero6 Black is only a slight step down from the Hero7 Black.

The relationship with others is one of the most important things in the life of any human being, family relationships, partners, friends, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances …, and harmony in relationships, true harmony, is a source of well-being, happiness and safety. In turn, the social fabric, the basis of a community, its ability to develop and live in harmony, will depend on the type of relationships established by its individuals: trust, collaboration, and search for the common good.

A common mistake is to believe that relationships are based on what we show, on what we say, on gestures. This belief has led many to modulate the timbre of their voice to speak sweetly, even if they are full of anger, smile at the same time that they feel envy or contempt, say false things. The other may not realize what is really happening, that is not conscious at that moment, but internally those emotions influence the relationship

For a relationship to be harmonious we should be able to understand others, respect them, not hurt their mistakes, recognize ours, collaborate, feel and show gratitude and affection, assess their virtues and successes, rejoice with their joys, share own, learn together. It is usual that this does not happen, why? 

The technology and development have made the company changed its way of conveying messages. Now technological advances pose an arrival to the public in a different and much faster way.

Currently communication and transmission of information is much more effective and instantaneous, just when it happens and a network has been created in which the media have managed to manipulate messages, even to hide the truth of things. And here is the vicious circle in which humanity falls, in consumerism, that’s why it has become one-dimensional, locked in a technological world where only that matters and everything that happens has to revolve around technological advances and this can create separation and isolation.

Technology, Internet and Social Networks

The ability that people have acquired to use social networks to communicate has caused radical changes in the media. Businesses and individuals can post anything from text or images to video using high-speed, high-speed digital technology. Then they can spread them directly on computers or mobile devices around the world.

We live in a time where the Internet has an essential place in our daily life, the way in which people communicate has changed radically in recent years. It is said that the use of technology has favored us to reduce the limitations of getting in touch with another person. But at the same time that technology has been advancing to allow us to be more communicated, we have lost certain abilities to engage in a direct conversation with a person.

The technological advances hardly come to replace the capacity of a human being to talk to another and express their ideas, not only with words but also with body language, with the volume of his voice and even the mere physical presence.

And to all this, how does it affect us?

For example: companies and individuals can transmit any information around the world using digital high-speed and broadband technology. Although getting to persuade a person to carry out an action, conducting a negotiation in order to reach an agreement, or simply identify the emotions of the members of a work team, can hardly be carried out successfully in an indirect way. .

Technological advances should be a support for communication to flow correctly and not to become a barrier when we have a direct deal with someone.

“In all societies there is a heart. A place where culture is made and history is decided. In the Middle Ages that heart was the Church. Then it became the school. Today is the Social Communication Media “(Marcellán, 1993).

The influence of new technologies on communication behavior

Today, more than ever, societies seem to depend on technology existentially.  We are increasingly involved in more relationships, not only in ever more numerous ways, but also more intensely than ever. The latest technological innovations created a phenomenon in which the human being only seems to be able to exist if he is connected.

Mobile phones, voicemail, faxes and emails keep us in instant communication with people from all over the world. Our networks both social and economic involve us in even more varied relationships. There is hardly any time left, any free moment becomes an opportunity to establish another connection. We live in a world in which attracting and maintaining attention is paramount, in which there is no unimportant relationship.

Social networks and human relations

Social networks are very useful tools in the current social framework. Transformation 2.0 started years ago with the launch of platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, which is now celebrating its first half decade and celebrates it in style by recalling its best videos. Who would tell us a couple of decades ago that technological evolution would allow us to be protagonists of the audiovisual world so easily?

The advantages of these 2.0 platforms are multiple. We can contact friends and acquaintances quickly, economically and directly, access information derived from the opinion of consumers like us and watch videos in remarkable quality and even High Definition, with a computer and Internet connection. These are advantages that, in many cases, outweigh the disadvantages, although we cannot forget these.

Social networks, however much we try to deny it, can also have their drawbacks. The first that comes to mind is the loss of privacy, that concept that was created when the human left the field to the cities where the group of people that could meet you was much more limited. Talking on Facebook or Tuenti with friends brings us back to the roots of the communities where the whole group knew what was happening to all its members at any time. In fact, humans have lived most of their history in communities where de facto privacy did not exist.

Another detail is that you have to keep in mind the importance of maintaining relationships in the offline world, see the faces with friends. I think we should do some soul-searching and count the number of hours we spend talking to a person on the Internet. Once this is done, post the weekly hours that you have spent with her on the real plane during that same week. What’s the score? Surely if you are an active Internet user, of those who exceed four hours a month on social networks, you are surprised by the result.

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