Importance of the Administration and the Business Management

Since the administrator mainly depends on his degree of involvement with the company's operational processes, that is, how much more and better he knows about the activities carried out in your division

Since the administrator mainly depends on his degree of involvement with the company's operational processes, that is, how much more and better he knows about the activities carried out in your division

When we talk about the company manager itself, we are facing one of the most interesting professions in the business sector, since the administrator mainly depends on his degree of involvement with the company’s operational processes, that is, how much more and better he knows about the activities carried out in your division, greater knowledge will obtain and better you will be able to develop your functions. We can also distinguish some of the functions performed as:

  • Ensure that the organization operates efficiently.
  • Representation.
  • Leader.
  • Supervision.
  • Problems management
  • Resource allocation.

The administration is an activity of maximum importance within which to do of any company, since it refers to the establishment, search and achievement of objectives. We are all administrators of our own lives, and the practice of administration is found in each of the facets of human activity, business, schools, family, etc.

From the beginning of mankind, man has become accustomed to living in society, learning that he alone could not obtain the same resources and assets as if he joined other individuals, giving rise to the formation of working groups that They were once part of other more numerous societies, as were the Primitive Societies, being life in community one of the ways to be able to relate to the environment and obtain benefits and care.

In today’s world, this is made up of Companies and Companies, which have a particular organization that allows defining different Work Areas in which tasks are divided according to Specializations, with different employees having a specific role.

One of these areas is precisely linked to the Business Administration, being basically the organization of the available resources in order to achieve the highest possible Performance before the proposal of a Particular Objective as well as to act as a kind of Control Body towards all the sectors or areas that are operating within a company.

In order to guarantee this, it is necessary not only of the Teamwork but also that there is an approach of the different Methodologies and Guidelines within the scope of work in order to achieve the objective with the highest Efficiency and Performance possible.

In some countries it is also a University Career that aims precisely at this, the development of Business Objectives and the professionalization of the different resources that we must use in the Business World to be able to succeed and get ahead before the different situations that arise. When it comes to commanding a company or occupy a hierarchical position within it.

Important points of the administration:

Below is a complete list of all the benefits offered by the administration that give rise to their importance for organizations?

  • Create and execute relevant knowledge about the correct way to use and optimize the resources that are available to operate an organization.
  • It grants effectiveness to human efforts.
  • Allows the sustainable growth of organizations.
  • Generates relevant information on the correct way to deal with operating resources, above all human resources that are an indispensable element in any organization and should be taken care of due to their reflection and possible migration to other organizations.
  • Measures performance and creates relevant information to make the relevant changes that improve the operation of organizations.
  • Reduces operating costs.

The administrator is responsible for conducting the administration of a company, to become an administrator it is advisable to study the degree in business administration at a university and polish the knowledge and skills on the fly and the performance of this university career.

As a business administrator you will have to plan, organize, direct and control tactics that include the study of markets to achieve business objectives. Therefore, you must develop skills such as the following: leadership, motivation of human resources; flexibility and adaptability to new realities; planning, development and execution of projects; conflict resolution; process analysis; interpersonal skills; facilities in fields such as mathematics, accounting and finance; and strategic analysis.

Labor Market

It is important that you separate the different labor exits, with which a professional in the area has: 
1. Independent administrator. 
2. Organizational advisor. 
3. Manager or business supervisor
4. Project coordinator. 
5. University professor.

The main activities that you will develop as a professional in this area will be: planning and execution of strategies that bring the organization closer to its objectives taking advantage of the available resources; detection, analysis and solution of problems in opportune times; study, design and application of market competitiveness plans; leadership and motivation of work teams; development of diagnostics and investigations; and analysis and improvement of business procedures.

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