Marketing trends that will mark 2020

We bring you the marketing trends that will mark 2020, so that you know how to direct your digital strategy this year and thus achieve your business objectives successfully.

Marketing Trends in 2020

Renewed or die. To survive the competition and the great market offer that exists today, it is not enough just to be digital, but we must update ourselves and adapt to the changes. We bring you the marketing trends that will mark 2020, so that you know how to direct your digital strategy this year and thus achieve your business objectives successfully.

Voice search

Did you think your friend had gone crazy when you caught him talking to a speaker? Well no, and it will be an increasingly familiar scene.

In recent years we have witnessed the heyday of smart speakers, turning voice search into a good opportunity to create marketing actions in 2020. This is because, although advertising usually shows us its usefulness to consult for music, recipes or forecasts of time, it is estimated that its use will be increasingly frequent for searches related to the acquisition of services or products.

Almost 50% of online searches will be done by voice in 2020.

Almost 50% of online searches will be carried out by voice in 2020. Therefore, when generating content it is increasingly important to create titles thinking how we would say it instead of how we would write it and give our posts a more conversational tone. Thus, now it is not only important to know how to write content to optimize the SEO of our website, but you have to start writing as we speak.


86% of users are willing to pay more in exchange for a good shopping experience.

Another marketing trend for 2020 is personalized service. And, despite the fact that we live in an increasingly online and digital world, the customer gives more importance to the experience he has in the purchase process than to the product itself or the price of it. In fact, according to recent statistics, 86% of users are willing to pay more in exchange for a good shopping experience.

One way to achieve this approach is to offer a messaging application so that communication is more direct and personalized, such as chatbots.


According to research by Gartner, 85% of the interactions with the user in 2020 will not be carried out by natural persons.

The development of artificial intelligence has given us chatbots. A perfect way to, on the one hand, interact with our users, and on the other, get that desired sale, since through these tools we can offer quick answers, resolve complaints and offer additional content.

Therefore, we encourage you to enter a chatbot as part of your customer service such as chatfuel, botsify, gupshup or Facebook messenger.

However, it is not enough to have one of these applications, but we must individualize the communication to get that personalized treatment that we talked about previously.

Take advantage of social media advertising

It is very likely that our target uses some social network. Therefore, in addition to being present, it is ideal to know how to use the advertising tools offered by each of these platforms. This way we can reach our target audience with more success.

55% of users claim to have searched for information about a product or service on social networks before making the purchase.

As we explained in a previous article, it is very important to know how to create a Facebook Ads campaign, in order to make a good segmentation and that our ad appears to those people who can acquire our product or service

In addition, for those companies that want to get out of conventional advertising, we recommend using Instagram stories. Here we can carry out an advertising that can be assimilated by the user, since it is not intrusive to be able to pass the ad with just one touch.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that 55% of users claim to have sought information about a product or service on social networks before making the purchase. That is why it is important to be updated and have this virtual storefront correctly. And it is that for users, these networks are a reliable source thanks to comments and ratings.

Videos and podcast more than text

The podcast will also be another marketing trends for this year 2020, for the simple fact that it offers what you are looking for digital public convenience. This is because it gives us the ease of informing ourselves of the latest developments while we play sports, drive or clean the house without looking at a screen.

On the other hand, videos have become the best multimedia content to reach users. This is because they are more attractive, digestible and entertaining. That is why people usually prefer to watch videos or listen to podcasts rather than read articles. Thus, not only YouTube continues to grow but social networks adapt to this booming format.


Users are increasingly aware of the use of their personal data on the Internet. That is why ensuring the privacy of their potential customers is one of the main concerns of the companies. For this reason, we must work so that transparency and privacy reign in our marketing campaigns. All this with the aim of obtaining more confidence, which will result in higher sales of our products and services.

Sustainability and Diversity

Environmental issues have not only become one of the issues that concern citizens. It will also be one of the main points on the agenda of many companies in our country. In fact, 75% of marketing specialists believe they will have to position themselves in social issues. Thus, sustainability and diversity will be the big issues that brands will have to assume.

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