Top 7 Tips for World-Class Customer Support Everyone Must Know

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How to build a world-class customer support service for your company? What are the key tips you must know? Read this article and discover the top 7 tips which everyone must learn to build a succesful support service which customers will love. Enjoy!

What is the most important asset in any business? Is it cash, equipment, real estate, or maybe something else? If you answered any of the above you are mistaken. Remember, the most important asset in any business are customers. Nothing else is more important. If you have no customers, you have no business.

Therefore, you want to have a large customer base and constantly grow it. Furthermore, you want your customers to be happy and satisfied with your products. And what is vital for customer satisfaction? It is your customer support service. Unless you are using offshore technical support services (you can find more information here about them) you will have to put in great effort to build a world-class support service.

Customer support service is an important component of any business. So if it is weak, if your clients are not happy with the support service, your business is not going to  win. Therefore, if you want your business to be successful you need to learn the key rules of succesful customer support:

  • Smile and Stay Positive
  • Use the Right Tools
  • Never Say “I Don’t Know”
  • Use Their First Name
  • Always Follow-Up
  • Collect Feedback
  • Respond ASAP

These rules are simple but not all businesses follow them. But without them, no support service is going to be a sucess. Let’s analyze each of these in detail.

Smile and Stay Positive

Yes, this seems so basic but not all customer support representatives follow this rule. Are all of your customer support team members always happy and positive when talking to customers? Do they smile? You’d better ensure they do.

Clients are very sensitive to the mood and manner of a support representative they are communicating with. If he or she seems rude, inpolite, or just negative to a client, this may negatively affect your brand’s image and perception in the mind of that customer.

Therefore, all team members must always be happy, cheerful, and smile when communicating with customers so that the latter are left with a positive impression about the company and its support service.

Use the Right Tools

A modern support service can’t function without the right tools and software. There exist a ton of solutions specifically designed for customer support services. The most popular ones are CRM solutions, help desks, chat tools. These are Salesforce, Hubspot, Groove, Kayako, Zendesk, Zoho, and many others.

Which tools are best for your company depends on your team’s size and the type of your business. Alternatively, you can also use the services of Ukrainian IT companies such as CyberCraft who provide technical support services to clients around the globe.

Never Say “I Don’t Know”

This is a taboo phrase your customer support people must never dare to say. Customers contact the support to get clear answers and help, not to hear “I don’t know”. Train your employees to say “I’ll figure it out” or “Let me see”, or something of that kind instead of saying “I don’t know”. If  a customer support representative does not have an immediate answer, he or she must find it and get back to the customer.

Use Their First Name

People love to be called by their names. It creates a much better customer support experience. Therefore, train your people to always adress clients politely by their first names.

Always Follow Up

If you think that once you solved a client’s problem you are done, you are mistaken. After solving a problem, you must follow up after some time to see if you really helped a customer and if he or she is happy and has no more problems.

Collect Feedback

Feedaback is everything. You must collect customers’ feedback after every ticket to be able to constantly improve your customer service and identify any issues. Futhermore, this shows to a customer that you really care about them and that their feedback is important. Your customers will appreciate it.

Respond ASAP

Your clients do not like to wait. They want their problem solved as soon as humanly possible. Therefore, you must do whatever it takes to ensure that all support tickets are handled as quickly as possible, and all customers get an immediate response.

Final Words

Efficient and effective customer support service is vital to business success. Prompt assistance and responses, politeness, smiling and being positive, following up, collecting feedback and constantly improving, using the right tools and adressing customers by their first names – all of these things will make your customer support service world-class and take your business to the next level.

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